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There is alot of talk on TV and online about the new series Made In America.  Have you seen or heard about this?  Well,  I watched an interview the other day with a couple who took the challenge to furnish their home with everything  Made in America.   It  really made me thinkg about my responsibility as an American.  I really do think its important to buy things that are made right here in the good ole USA.  Crafters have complained for years about the competition at craft shows with vendors who clearly are trying to pawn off imports as hadmade crafts, and how difficult it is to compete with their pricing.  Now I believe that not everyone wants an import.  Some people really do value the true handiwork of an artist, no matter if its a painting or a handsewn quilt or our cherished primitive make do’s.  I think each person has to decide what is important to them and purchase accordingly.  If funds are tight and you just want to decorate that new hutch then you are most likely going to buy an import.  If you want to decorate a family heirloom you are most likely going to want to decorate it with items that have meaning.  Somehing that someone put their soul into creating.  So it all depends on the person whether this post will be relevent to you or not. 

Well anyway, all this talk about being made in America got me thinking of how many items I have in my home that really are made in this country I love.  So I’ve decided to start a blog series on this very subject.  Heck I may even add in a video or two,  I said “may”  because I haven’t decided if I’m camera shy or not.  So week after week I am going to show you items in my home that I know were made here in America.  Now I’m going to make a disclaimer here just to cover myself.  While I know these items are American made I can’t really vouch for where the materials are from.  For example I may post a handmade doll,  of whom I know the creater/designer  but given the fact that there just aren’t many fabric manufacturers left in America its unlikely that the materials used are all 100% made here.  I’m ok with that, though.  You see it still helps out the small town manufacturers and crafters by buying from them. 

So what do you think?  How much of your home is made in America?  Keep checking back every week to see what I share from my own home.

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