Getting my blogging mojo back

Wow I totally didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post. I guess those pantry cakes really did me in. Well I have some really fun and creative things planned for my blog for the year. I’m currently working on some before and afters and can’t wait to show you the finished projects. I have some home makeover plans and I plan on welcoming you into my home for a visit as I transform some minor and major displays. Hmmm wonder what I’ll come up with? I could tell you but I always change my mind mid way. OCD obsessive crafting disorder, Its something I’ve dealt with all my life. So come along for the ride spring is almost here and my creative mojo is back. Yahoo.

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A Beautiful Day Crafting

I met up with a few of my online friends for a crafting day.  And we had so much fun.  I met Teresa at Tresa’s Prim Treasures at her beautiful home and then we drove to Patty’s house of The Brickhouse in Millersburg, PA.  If your ever in this part of PA you will definitely want to visit Patti’s shop.  It is full of beautiful handmade primitives.  And we also met with Tarrah of The Pottery Shed.  She has some of the prettiest pieces of pottery. 

After some much needed chatting we got busy making our pantry cakes.  If you’re not familiar with these prim beauties, you should be.  These are great to decorate with.  You can put some under your old fly screens or place in an old wooden bowl or just set on your counter to make your family and friends think you slaved over a hot oven all day.  I’ll let you decide but these really are great to decorate with.

Here is a picture of all the different types of moulds we could choose from.

Okay this is not a good picture but I did get one of Tarrah slaving over a hot stove with a very painful kink in her neck.  Sorry Tarrah,  we weren’t very good friends that day.  We realized after she was finished cooking her mix that we should of offered to help do hers.  But we did get a good laugh out of the deal.  Ooops.  Oh and your lucky you can’t see any of the smoke waifting from the sugar that is very hot and “caramelizing” right onto the bottom of Patti’s pan.


This is what the mould looks like with the sugar mix filled in it.

Once the cakes are cool or, atleast until we can’t wait anymore and don’t mind burning our fingers a little, we take the cakes out of the moulds and rub them with cinnamon and cloves.  This is such a heavenly scent.  I think I will be adding cloves to more of my handmade, cinnamon rubbed goodies.

Now I don’t recommend you decorate with these on a paper plate.  This is just what we used to set the cakes on until they cooled completely and got really hard. 

So what do you think?  Have you ever made a pantry cake?  Would you be interested in learning more?  Let me know in a comment on this post. 

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