Weekly Scavenger Hunt #1

My friends over at A Primitive Journey Community have started a weekly scavenger hunt, and I’ve decided to join in.  This week we are to look for old bottles and jars.  Well this should be fairly easy for any primitive decorator, so I’m definitely up for this challenge.  Here are a few of the items I’ve found this week.

Old bottle made and given to be from Memaw

I use old candle jars for storage in my bathroom.


This is a jar made into a candle. Used in same bathroom.

Okay,  that’s all my finds for this week.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you want to check out a great forum head on over to A Primitive Journey.  There are many great and friendly crafters there.  You will also find many ideas for decorating, lots of eye candy for sure.

I’d love for you to join me in this scavenger hunt so please feel free to join in the comments section.

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Made In America

There is alot of talk on TV and online about the new series Made In America.  Have you seen or heard about this?  Well,  I watched an interview the other day with a couple who took the challenge to furnish their home with everything  Made in America.   It  really made me thinkg about my responsibility as an American.  I really do think its important to buy things that are made right here in the good ole USA.  Crafters have complained for years about the competition at craft shows with vendors who clearly are trying to pawn off imports as hadmade crafts, and how difficult it is to compete with their pricing.  Now I believe that not everyone wants an import.  Some people really do value the true handiwork of an artist, no matter if its a painting or a handsewn quilt or our cherished primitive make do’s.  I think each person has to decide what is important to them and purchase accordingly.  If funds are tight and you just want to decorate that new hutch then you are most likely going to buy an import.  If you want to decorate a family heirloom you are most likely going to want to decorate it with items that have meaning.  Somehing that someone put their soul into creating.  So it all depends on the person whether this post will be relevent to you or not. 

Well anyway, all this talk about being made in America got me thinking of how many items I have in my home that really are made in this country I love.  So I’ve decided to start a blog series on this very subject.  Heck I may even add in a video or two,  I said “may”  because I haven’t decided if I’m camera shy or not.  So week after week I am going to show you items in my home that I know were made here in America.  Now I’m going to make a disclaimer here just to cover myself.  While I know these items are American made I can’t really vouch for where the materials are from.  For example I may post a handmade doll,  of whom I know the creater/designer  but given the fact that there just aren’t many fabric manufacturers left in America its unlikely that the materials used are all 100% made here.  I’m ok with that, though.  You see it still helps out the small town manufacturers and crafters by buying from them. 

So what do you think?  How much of your home is made in America?  Keep checking back every week to see what I share from my own home.

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Getting my blogging mojo back

Wow I totally didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post. I guess those pantry cakes really did me in. Well I have some really fun and creative things planned for my blog for the year. I’m currently working on some before and afters and can’t wait to show you the finished projects. I have some home makeover plans and I plan on welcoming you into my home for a visit as I transform some minor and major displays. Hmmm wonder what I’ll come up with? I could tell you but I always change my mind mid way. OCD obsessive crafting disorder, Its something I’ve dealt with all my life. So come along for the ride spring is almost here and my creative mojo is back. Yahoo.

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February 2010 Issue now available

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November issue of Primitive Times Magazine is now available.

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Nov 2009 cover

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This is a great issue full of fun articles.  Be sure and get into the Christmas spirit with the “Putz”   House article.  Then read up on some great decorating tips for those who are working with a budget.  Our feature crafter this month is Grans Attic Annies she makes some really creative crafts.

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October 2009 Issue is now available

Get your free issue of Primitive Times Magazine today.

October 2009 issue of Primitive Times Magazine

October 2009 issue of Primitive Times Magazine

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July Issue of Primitive Times Magazine

Your new issue of Primitive Times Magazine is ready for you to download.  This is a free e-zine.  I hope you enjoy.

July 09 cover


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Make Over Primitive Cat.

I have really been on a roll lately with the not so pretty items I’ve found in thrift stores.  This is a fabric cat that I purchased at the thrift store for a little bit of nuthin.   I have been seeing grubby kitties on various blogs and sites and thought why not.

So first of all I removed every sign of frilly froo froo I  could from this cat, which turns out to only be around his neck.  The original crafter had lace and blue ribbon on him.  Gosh I remember when frilly froo froo was popular and at one time I actully decorated with this look.  And just for the record I’m NOT that old.  Of course I do lie about my age on a regular  basis, so don’t even bother to ask me that question you absolutely will NOT get an honest answer from me.

Sorry I did dirgress for just a moment.  After the frilly froo froo (I like typing that) was removed I stitched a new nose onto his face for character.  Painted the cat black, rubbed good ole cinnamon on him and baked him in the oven.  When dry tied a berry spring with a bell to his neck for a new collar and then sewing on wire for some whiskers.  I think he is just primalicious now.  What do you think?

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Makeover Cat After

Makeover Cat After

Finish it up Friday’s

 christmas-2008-115christmas-2008-114I have declared Fridays to be Finish it up Friday’s.  I decided to do this because I have so many unfinished projects around my office I’m starting to be overwhelmed so to hold myself accountable I am going to finish one craft a week and then post what it is I did for all the world to see.

This week I finished up this raggedy doll.  This is a Sweetmeadows Farm pattern that I bought at the Lititz craft show here in Pa.  I really admire her work and really wanted to make an eyelid on something so I went for it.  Well I soon put the doll down because, well, I’m a perfectionist and the eyelids weren’t working for me.  I decided to finish her anyway and call her primitive.   I really like her dress it has a great stain to it.  I love when the stain has a sort of verigated look to it with dark and lighter spots all over.

I’m not sure if I will attempt the eyelid anytime soon but it sure was a challenge.  Well now that I think about it, it wasn’t so much the eyelid as it was the coloring of the eyeball????  lol. 

Check back next week as I have an unfinished snowman from the same pattern that needs to be finished eyelids and all.

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As Time Goes By

This is the latest book by author Judy Condon. This book is wonderful if you haven’t seen it yet, you may just need to get it for your collection. There is a full 144 pages of full color photos that are truly inspiring. Thanks for another great book Judy.atgb-cover

Go to http://briarpatchprim.com to order your copy today.

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