Decluttered Grapevine Tree

Grapevine Tree brightening my porch

 Here is a grapevine tree that I got at a yard sale for 50 cents.  I was so excited to find this.  And let me tell you I haven’t seen another one since, because you can bet that if I do I will snag it up.  This poor little fella was decorated for a reception of some sort.  Probably a wedding,  well I’m sure the idea was nice but it definitely left much to be desired not to mention it was really dusty.  But I saw the potential especially since it still had the christmas lights in it and guess what?  The lights still work.  I’m so excited. 

Outdated is an understatement, poor thing.


Off to work I went.  I yanked all the glued on pearls and rossettes.  Luckily they weren’t on there too well.  And it took all of  like a minute.  Left the lights alone since they still work.  And viola a cute little grapevine tree to sit next to my front door and light the night.

Here it is again the after.

The finished product

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Pantry Box Make Over

Gosh, it seems like you can get these type of paper mache boxes for practically nothing at yard sales.  And that is exactly where this set of boxes came from and have been gracing my home as a decoration for far too long.  My home is no longer cute country.  I love the more farmhouse colonial style, I like clean lines and way less clutter.  I really like the old look of fabric covered boxes, but the price is more than I am willing to pay right now.  So I decided to make do with what I have.  Reduce the amount of money going out of my pocket, Reuse what I already had, and Recycle it into something noteworthy and useable.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle I guess you could say I’m going “green”, except I used blue fabrics.  Oh well.  I hope you enjoy the before and afters of these pantry boxes.

"Before" I use to have Country Garden Angels in my bathroom


“After” fits into my decor much, much better now.


Do you have any pantry boxes that you’ve made over?  I’d love to see.

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A Beautiful Day Crafting

I met up with a few of my online friends for a crafting day.  And we had so much fun.  I met Teresa at Tresa’s Prim Treasures at her beautiful home and then we drove to Patty’s house of The Brickhouse in Millersburg, PA.  If your ever in this part of PA you will definitely want to visit Patti’s shop.  It is full of beautiful handmade primitives.  And we also met with Tarrah of The Pottery Shed.  She has some of the prettiest pieces of pottery. 

After some much needed chatting we got busy making our pantry cakes.  If you’re not familiar with these prim beauties, you should be.  These are great to decorate with.  You can put some under your old fly screens or place in an old wooden bowl or just set on your counter to make your family and friends think you slaved over a hot oven all day.  I’ll let you decide but these really are great to decorate with.

Here is a picture of all the different types of moulds we could choose from.

Okay this is not a good picture but I did get one of Tarrah slaving over a hot stove with a very painful kink in her neck.  Sorry Tarrah,  we weren’t very good friends that day.  We realized after she was finished cooking her mix that we should of offered to help do hers.  But we did get a good laugh out of the deal.  Ooops.  Oh and your lucky you can’t see any of the smoke waifting from the sugar that is very hot and “caramelizing” right onto the bottom of Patti’s pan.


This is what the mould looks like with the sugar mix filled in it.

Once the cakes are cool or, atleast until we can’t wait anymore and don’t mind burning our fingers a little, we take the cakes out of the moulds and rub them with cinnamon and cloves.  This is such a heavenly scent.  I think I will be adding cloves to more of my handmade, cinnamon rubbed goodies.

Now I don’t recommend you decorate with these on a paper plate.  This is just what we used to set the cakes on until they cooled completely and got really hard. 

So what do you think?  Have you ever made a pantry cake?  Would you be interested in learning more?  Let me know in a comment on this post. 

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July Issue of Primitive Times Magazine

Your new issue of Primitive Times Magazine is ready for you to download.  This is a free e-zine.  I hope you enjoy.

July 09 cover

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May issue of Primitive Times Magazine is now Available.

Get your free pdf copy now.

Get your free pdf copy now.

Go to link below to get your free copy now!

Make Over Primitive Cat.

I have really been on a roll lately with the not so pretty items I’ve found in thrift stores.  This is a fabric cat that I purchased at the thrift store for a little bit of nuthin.   I have been seeing grubby kitties on various blogs and sites and thought why not.

So first of all I removed every sign of frilly froo froo I  could from this cat, which turns out to only be around his neck.  The original crafter had lace and blue ribbon on him.  Gosh I remember when frilly froo froo was popular and at one time I actully decorated with this look.  And just for the record I’m NOT that old.  Of course I do lie about my age on a regular  basis, so don’t even bother to ask me that question you absolutely will NOT get an honest answer from me.

Sorry I did dirgress for just a moment.  After the frilly froo froo (I like typing that) was removed I stitched a new nose onto his face for character.  Painted the cat black, rubbed good ole cinnamon on him and baked him in the oven.  When dry tied a berry spring with a bell to his neck for a new collar and then sewing on wire for some whiskers.  I think he is just primalicious now.  What do you think?

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Makeover Cat After

Makeover Cat After

Makeover Ornaments

I know its not Christmas but now is the time to start looking for cheap plastic ornaments at public sales and flea markets even thrift stores.  And this is the reason why.  I took some really cheap plastic ornaments that kinda look like they would of came out of a vintage mold and then I made it over into something any primitive lover would enjoy.

I simply took the plastic ornaments and sprayed them with flat black paint and immediately sprinkled cinnamon on to it.  Let it dry a little and then sprayed a sealer on it and more cinnamon and then when dry again I sealed it with a clear matte sealer.  Changed out the little gold hang tag with a piece of rope and voila a primitive ornament that looks like a vintage heirloom.  Well to me anyway.

Check out the before and afters below.




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Trash to Treasure Doll

I have been trying to go to the thrift stores in my area on a fairly regular basis and this week I would like to share a treasure that I got that I remade into something a bit more primitive that will fit into my decor better.

Here is a picture of the doll I bought for $2.97.  I figured that it would cost me alot more in time and money if I were to cut, sew and stuff a new doll so when I saw this cutie at the thrift store I snagged her up in hopes that I could grubby her up.  You can see her face is dirty and her features need to be updated.  So now I will be on the look out for more fabric dolls.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this before.  It Certainly saves me some serious time and money.

Before of thrift store doll.


And now for the final picture of the makeover doll.  I didn’t change a whole lot but I did sew a nose on her and lips and added button eyes with lashes on the bottom.  Stained her in my favorite grubby mix, rubbed her with cinnamon and then baked her in the oven to dry.  I did the same with her dress and apron too.  Her original hair was glued on and if I were to remove it the doll would of been ruined so I left her have brown curly hair.  Her dress sleeves were a little stretched and I didn’t want to sew anymore so I added a peice of stained cheesecloth to each arm to give a little something different to her.  Sorry I added that after the picture was taken.   I love the look of brown mottled stained fabric.
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Valentines Tutorial

I have been making ornies for on my valentines tree.  This is one of my fovorite, and I thought I’d share the directions with you.  Enjoy!

First off I took an envelope the size that I wanted my ornie to be and opened up flat.  Then I traced around it onto to card stock to make a pattern.  Then I traced it onto a piece of muslin.  Then I cut out the the pattern on the drawn lines.  I also cut out a piece of card stock to go into the center of the envelope to make it sturdy, Lay aside until after stained & dried.  Once cut out I stained with my favorite grubby mixture, folded flaps to look like an envelop and then dried in the oven for a few min on low heat.  Once dried I put the piece of card stock in the middle and glued all the edges down and sealed with a kiss.  Actually I didn’t seal with a kiss but it would be cool to do if you have a lip stamp.  Then just embellish with the names of your valentines using a sharpie.  I made a glitter heart just by drawing it on with a pencil and then used modge podge and filled the heart shape and glittered it to look like a stamp.  On my dd’s I used glass glitter around the edge to give a little more glitz.  Feel free to embellish any way you want.  Also would be cute with a black & white photo used as a postage stamp.  The possibilities are endless.  I already have plans to make letters to Santa for christmas.


Trace around pattern onto muslin.

Trace around pattern onto muslin.

Cut out on the drawn lines

Cut out on the drawn lines


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Finish it up Friday’s

 christmas-2008-115christmas-2008-114I have declared Fridays to be Finish it up Friday’s.  I decided to do this because I have so many unfinished projects around my office I’m starting to be overwhelmed so to hold myself accountable I am going to finish one craft a week and then post what it is I did for all the world to see.

This week I finished up this raggedy doll.  This is a Sweetmeadows Farm pattern that I bought at the Lititz craft show here in Pa.  I really admire her work and really wanted to make an eyelid on something so I went for it.  Well I soon put the doll down because, well, I’m a perfectionist and the eyelids weren’t working for me.  I decided to finish her anyway and call her primitive.   I really like her dress it has a great stain to it.  I love when the stain has a sort of verigated look to it with dark and lighter spots all over.

I’m not sure if I will attempt the eyelid anytime soon but it sure was a challenge.  Well now that I think about it, it wasn’t so much the eyelid as it was the coloring of the eyeball????  lol. 

Check back next week as I have an unfinished snowman from the same pattern that needs to be finished eyelids and all.

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