Make Over Primitive Cat.

I have really been on a roll lately with the not so pretty items I’ve found in thrift stores.  This is a fabric cat that I purchased at the thrift store for a little bit of nuthin.   I have been seeing grubby kitties on various blogs and sites and thought why not.

So first of all I removed every sign of frilly froo froo I  could from this cat, which turns out to only be around his neck.  The original crafter had lace and blue ribbon on him.  Gosh I remember when frilly froo froo was popular and at one time I actully decorated with this look.  And just for the record I’m NOT that old.  Of course I do lie about my age on a regular  basis, so don’t even bother to ask me that question you absolutely will NOT get an honest answer from me.

Sorry I did dirgress for just a moment.  After the frilly froo froo (I like typing that) was removed I stitched a new nose onto his face for character.  Painted the cat black, rubbed good ole cinnamon on him and baked him in the oven.  When dry tied a berry spring with a bell to his neck for a new collar and then sewing on wire for some whiskers.  I think he is just primalicious now.  What do you think?

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Fabric Cat Before his makeover

Makeover Cat After

Makeover Cat After

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  1. Hi Shannon *waving*

    Love what you did with the cat! Perfect sister, just perfect!
    3daughters~ (Debbie)

  2. Oh Michele…I apologize, I wrote Shannon!!! eeeeekkkk.
    3daughters (Debbie)

  3. Here kitty, kitty. This is my favorite makeover to date!

  4. he looks great!! i just found one at a thrift store that i want to redo. 🙂

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