Trash to Treasure Doll

I have been trying to go to the thrift stores in my area on a fairly regular basis and this week I would like to share a treasure that I got that I remade into something a bit more primitive that will fit into my decor better.

Here is a picture of the doll I bought for $2.97.  I figured that it would cost me alot more in time and money if I were to cut, sew and stuff a new doll so when I saw this cutie at the thrift store I snagged her up in hopes that I could grubby her up.  You can see her face is dirty and her features need to be updated.  So now I will be on the look out for more fabric dolls.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this before.  It Certainly saves me some serious time and money.

Before of thrift store doll.


And now for the final picture of the makeover doll.  I didn’t change a whole lot but I did sew a nose on her and lips and added button eyes with lashes on the bottom.  Stained her in my favorite grubby mix, rubbed her with cinnamon and then baked her in the oven to dry.  I did the same with her dress and apron too.  Her original hair was glued on and if I were to remove it the doll would of been ruined so I left her have brown curly hair.  Her dress sleeves were a little stretched and I didn’t want to sew anymore so I added a peice of stained cheesecloth to each arm to give a little something different to her.  Sorry I added that after the picture was taken.   I love the look of brown mottled stained fabric.
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  1. Outstanding job! I would never have looked at that doll twice much less seen a treasure waiting to be found. Great job!

  2. Very Cool! I love what you did with her.

  3. You gave her a great make over!!! She looks so much better!

  4. fantastic makeover!

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