Buying Craft Supplies on the Cheap.

With the rising cost of our living expenses I know we need to tighten down on our budgets now more that ever it seems. But your crafting doesn’t have to be the area that ends up being neglected. I’m going to share with you some ideas on how and where to get your craft supplies. Just know that this will take a little creativity on your part.

First of all if you have a tax number you can buy your craft supplies wholesale. But you know sometimes you can get supplies at even lower prices. For instance your local craft store may be having a sale. If they have a great discount on things that you use regularly, now may be a good time to stock up. Often these stores will offer a discount coupon, so I suggest you check out their websites and sign up for their emails, but you should also check out the local paper, usually once a week you can find coupons. Use these, the best way to use them is to buy your most expensive item and get the discount taken off it.

A little more non traditional place may be at those dollar type stores. Now this is where you may need to be creative. So say you need jingle bells or you use jingle bells for your crafts. They sell these there but they are packaged as christmas ornaments, go ahead and buy them take the ornament apart and rust the bells if you need it to look primitive. Also check out the linens in the kitchen utensil isle. Sometimes they have napkins or table clothes etc that you could stain and make look primitive, you can then use the fabric in your craft for dolls, clothes, or as accent pieces for your displays. This is also a great place to find cheap plastic fruit. Now don’t roll your eyes at me. This is perfect to prim up and use for tons of different things.

Now onto one of my favorite places to find goodies, yard sales and auctions. If you listened to me in the past you’ll remember my segment on the christmas decorations I bought and was able to recycle into many different primitive crafts. These are great places to find just about anything. Often you’ll find fabric, yarn, pattern books, wooden items that could be repainted. Also, quite often I see electric candles. These are great to prim up as well. And they are perfect accents for the prim decorator.

And don’t forget to check on line. There are lots of on line auctions and yard sales. But check out your favorite message boards too. Sometimes if there is something that you need you may be able to trade with a friend. Just post a quick message asking if anyone is willing to part with something that you use a lot of. You just never know.

Until next time have fun crafting.


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