Primitive Grungy Fruit

I love coming up with new ideas and this one is so clever and simple. Don’t we all just feel like we need to simplify our lives? I’m going to walk you through some very basic steps on how to make these prim little wonders.

First off you will need some plastic fruit, I prefer using apples and pears, but hey its your project you can use whatever you want. You may have some old fruit hanging around your home you can use these. You can also buy your fuit at a dollar store for you guessed it $1. With yard sale season starting up why not go for the big bargains and see how many you can find while you’re out.

You will also need some brown paint, doesn’t matter the exact shade whatever you have is fine. Modge podge (water this down a tad) and in a baggie mix in spices of your choice like cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin spice, nutmeg. You can even use coffee grounds if you want, or just plain cinnamon. And a mat sealer to finish it off.

Now that every thing is gathered start by painting your fruit with brown paint. Let this dry. Now brush on your watered down modge podge (or any glue) and toss into your baggie of spices and coat the fruit well. If you want to make it more grungy just keep layering the spices. Let this dry over night or at least several hours to make sure its set. Then seal it with two light coats of mat sealer and let dry. While these are drying you can come up with some cute decorating ideas for them. Lets brainstorm a few.

Place them in a cute basket with a prim tag. Place them in your big treenware bowl or antique dough bowl with some pip berries and a few seed lights. You could even put a hole through the fruit before gunging and string them on a piece of twine to make a very nice and lightweight fruit garland to hang over your mantle or old window sill.

You can alway contact me through my site to get your seed lights and to find directions on making the prim tags. Go to www.

And I would like you to share your prim fruit ideas.

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