Dryer Sachets

Dryer Sachets  

Hello, Michele here from www.briarpatchprim.com .  I’m so glad that it is officially spring.  I already have flowers popping through the ground and it’s so nice to see a touch of green.  So to celebrate I’ve decided to share directions to make a dryer sachet.  These dryer sachets are great to give a nice natural scent to your laundry.

What you need is some fabric.  This is a great time to use up your leftover fabric.  For one sachet you will need (2) 5” x 5” squares.  And sewing supplies, I use my machine but you can handstitch if you prefer.  And you’ll need some dried lavender buds.

Now just place the 2 squares right sides together and sew up three sides.  Let the fourth side open to turn and stuff.  Now turn the fabric and stuff with about 1 cup of lavender.  Sew the fourth side closed.

These are great to give as gifts you can make a set of three and bundle them together with a pretty coordinating ribbon.  I sell these on my site for $9.99 for a set of three.   http://www.briarpatchprim.com/catalog.php

The sachets are good for about 10 to 15 loads of laundry and they will scent your laundry with a light lavender scent and it’s a great way to go “green”.  You could also get creative and fill the bags with other natural, pleasingly scented botanicals like rose petals or even try lilacs.  Make sure to toss them in with your bed linens the lavender will help you to drift off into lalaland with plenty of sweet dreams.

Have fun blessing your laundry.

Lavender Dryer Sachet

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