How to Make a Tipsy Pot


 Spring is just around the corner and I know many of you are getting ready to get your gardens ready.  I know here in PA its still a little early to do anything outside but, I still find this is a good time to do some planning. 

Last year I learned about this really neat garden décor craft that is called “tipsy pot”.  I was so impressed with these when I did a search last summer for directions on how to make them.  And that is the main thing I am going to do in my flower bed this year.  Be sure to check out my blog for updates as I get mine finished. 

Here are some directions on how to make these tipsy pots and also go to my blog at and I will post some pictures of them to give you a better feel of what exactly they are.  I know sometimes it’s hard to visualize over the radio. 

So first off you will need a piece of rebar and you can get this at home stores.  Get one that is about 5 feet long.  You will also need 5 flower pots of varied sizes make sure they have a hole in the bottom.  And you will need potting soil and plants or flowers of your choice. 

Find a nice place in your yard to create your tipsy pot.  And hammer the rebar into the ground about 12 inches to make sure its stable.  Now take your biggest pot and slide it down over the rebar through the drainage hole and then fill it with potting soil.  Take the next pot about a size or two smaller and slide over rebar same way then tilt it so it looks like its tipped over and ready to spill out and fill with soil and you’ll keep doing this until you have as many pots as you want.  I personally like odd numbers so I would go with either 3 or 5.  Make sure that the pots are tilted in different directions.  When they are stacked you can put in your plants.

You can also make the tipsy pots out of trash treasures you may have hanging around your home or that you find while out at yard sales.  You could make one using old wash tubs and old buckets, try using old watering cans for a unique look.  Be creative and let me know how your tipsy pot turned out for you. 

Until next time have fun decorating.

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  1. your site is beautiful. i am crippled with Parkinson’s Disease. art and gardening are part of my therapies. My wife and i are preparing for our spring gardening and i wonder if anyone can sugest a seed ordering network that fits the budget of the poor. Thanks and God Bless. Dr Doc

    • I’m not sure of any seed ordering networks but the tipsy pots are really fun to make and they are beautiful in a garden.

  2. I LOVE the tipsy pot idea and I just made my first set this week and got rave reviews from 3 differnt neighbors. I am SO intrigued by those pink tipsy pots pictured above that appear to by hanging. Please oh please can you tell me how that is done? thanks much PL

  3. Dr. Doc I’d like to invite you to join a wonderful site I am on a very tight budget and the wonderful people there have helped me on my way to a beautiful garden. Even if you don’t have anything to swap check it out I am sure you will enjoy it.

  4. I was wondering do you bend the rebar or just leave it staight

    • No Wanda, you don’t bend the rebar. I don’t even know how you would do that. You just pound it into the ground until its sturdy and then you thread the bottom hole in the pot into the rebar and as you stack them you lean them to the sides so that just the pots are angled. It seems weird but as you put the pots on the rebar you will see how it works.

  5. Love this

  6. Love this! one of my friends on Face book did this,and I’m so anxious to make one myself! Thanks for the information!!

  7. It looks like the pink pots are hanging on a rope of some sort. Am I correct? I Love this idea. I am a photographer and always looking for interesting ideas for props, etc. Going to be doing this but with pumpkins for fall photos. Thanks a bunch!

    • Actually the pots are just sitting on each other. No ropes are used just the rebar down the center.

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