Paint Colors Made Easy

Hello Michele here with and this week I am going to talk to you about paint. How to select a paint color and finally overcome your fear of color.

Choosing color is the number one fear of home decorating. Does just the thought of picking out a paint color cause you to go into a cold sweat? Have you ever gone to your home store in hopes to find just the right color for your walls and find that there are about 4,000 different swatches to choose from, become nauceous and head home feeling completely defeated? I can tell you that trying to find the right color of paint is like going for groceries on an empty stomache-

its a bad idea. The reason the store has so many to choose from is to encourage you to take them home with you. Its really important to make this choice at home and in the room you want to paint. This will allow you to view it in the right lighting and when your not so distracted.

When we aren’t confident in our color selection we tend to hide behind white and biege, or worse, nothing. In my opinion white is a hard color to decorate with. White causes a sharp contrast against dark wood and actually causes your furniture to appear darker. Accessories don’t seem to be united. And in the prim decor world white just doesn’t have a place in our homes.

So you know your ready to create a nice primitive atmosphere in your home. Popular primitive wall colors tend to be brown, mustard, or even grey.

Your first step will be to go to the paint store or home store and pick up a handful of paint swatches. Lets say you decide you want to go with a nice mustard color in your room. When at the store pick up all the mustard colored swatches in different shades. When at home find a quiet time to sit down and play with your paint swatches, mix and match the different shades and let them sit out over the next few days. Every time you walk by look at them and discard the colors that you do not like, leaving you with ones that are pleasing. The one that is your favorite is the one that is going to accent your collections, your pictures and even your furniture. A good rule of thumb in finding the neutral shade in your color of choice is to go to the paint color that is in the middle of a swatch of similar shades.

Remember that this paint color is going to be a background color. This color will be layered with many different accessories and lighting and even furniture. And if you really don’t like it its just paint you can change it out.

So if I’ve done nothing else I hope I’ve encouraged you to give your home a united look by using a great paint color. If you’ve been living with white walls for a really long time then the first roll of the paint may cause you to go into panic mode. This is all to natural. Don’t change your mind until the entire room is painted and all signs of white are gone. Once done you’ll be able to get a clear vision of what your room will look and feel like.

Thank you for listening to my segment and be sure to check out my site and until next time have fun decorating.

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  1. Thank you for your post. I will bookmark your site. What is your recommend shop for the home equpment.

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