Grubby Jar Technique

my grubby jarHello Michele here from well its really been a busy month with all the changes my business has been going through, but now I am comfortably settled into my home office and beginning my adventure as a work at home mom.

Today I’d like to share a simple technique I like to use to grubby up glass jars. I’m sure you’ve seen primitive grubby jars on line and in prim shops across the country.

To make these grubby jars you will first want to get a jar. This is a great way to recycle those old food jars or even use a new candle jar and use this technique as a way to prim up your favorite candle or give as a gift.

You will also need modge podge, and cinnamon. I simply paint on the modge podge with an old paint brush and then sprinkle heavily with cinnamon, allow it to dry some and repeat these steps until you have it as grubby as you like, its all a matter of personal preference. You could also add in old coffee grounds, nutmeg, any spice you want to really. This is were you can really get creative. Now that you have the jar as dark as you’d like just give it one last coat of modge podge and let dry. Voila! You now have a grubby jar to decorate with.

Now as you know decorating is my specialty so I’m going to share a few ideas I’ve brainstormed for you. You can use your jar as a vase fill it with water and put in some seasonal flowers. Valentine’s day is just around the corner set the empty vase on the table and hint to your dear hubby that its for roses. Wink, Wink, hint, hint. You can fill the jar with craft supplies, dried pantry items like rice or beans. Fill with potpourri to add great fragrance to your house. Put just a light layer of spices on the jar when your making it and then fill the jar with christmas lights for a soft glow or go ahead and make a light out of it using a light adapter. Fill it with those gifts in a jar ideas and give to a friend for valentines day just tie some red homespun around the rim and add a nice handmade tag. Set several out along your sidewalk and put in a tealight to make a great luminary. The possibilities are endless.

I love to see how you’ve been inspired please send me photos of your projects. You can contact me through my site and until next time have fun decorating.

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  1. Thank you so much ,for this info,will try it tonight ,so excited to try something new 🙂

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