How to Make Grubby Paper

Hello, Michele here from Today I’m going to share a quick tip for making some great prim gift cards. This is a really simple trick. What I do is make up a batch of my favorite staining solution and then I take plain card stock, any color is fine, I used an ivory color, but, feel free to use white or any light color you’d like. Then I take a sponge brush, dip it into your staining solution and “paint” it onto your card stock. While your at it go ahead and make up several papers at a time. Now let it dry. To dry you can put in into a low degree oven or use a heat gun. I used my little space heater that blows warm air out, kept me warm while my papers were drying. Once the first side is dry turn it over and then “paint” the other side and let it dry. And voila you have some awesome prim paper to make cards out of or you can make your own hang tags. Use your favorite artist program and print clip art onto it. Or use your card program and make homemade christmas cards for all your friends this year. Hang the tags on your christmas packages, add them to wreaths or garland. Have fun being creative.Until next time have fun decorating and be sure to stop by my site for some last minute christmas gifts its

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