How to Set a Thanksgiving Day Table


This is my show notes from this weeks primtalkradio podcast segment. 

How to Set the Thanksgiving Table


Hello, Michele here from talking to you today about setting a great Thanksgiving Day Table.

With the fall season in full swing and winter just around the corner its an honor to celebrate the great blessings we’ve been given throughout the past year. There are lots of things to be thankful for. One of the things I’m thankful for is the ability to decorate my home. I’m really blessed when I create a safe haven for my family and friends. The main gathering area at my home is my kitchen and on Thanksgiving Day the table becomes the main attraction. Not just for the food that will adorn it but for the obvious space that it makes available for me to decorate on.

So I’ve put together a few ideas to make your home special this holiday. Pumpkins and gourds real or artificial are still in season so bring a few of those to the table to make a beautiful table scape. You can do this by arranging them on a nice silver or pewter tray or maybe you have a vintage tray available place this in the center of your table. Take those smallish gourds and carve out a chunk in the top center and place a tealight into the center of the gourd for great ambiance.

You can also take your fall wreath and lay it flat on your table you can lay a mirror under it to give extra sparkle to your candlelight. Need a quick wreath you can collect bittersweet and wrap it naturally in a wreath shape and lay it on your table. You can also add color to your chandalier by wrapping the bittersweet around it.

Cornucopia’s are a traditional Thanksgiving Day decoration. Take yours and place on your table or even your buffet and fill it with fresh apples, pears and grapes. Add some assorted cheeses and fresh bread and whole nuts to make a great edible centerpiece. Your early guests will love this as they can have an appetizer and you don’t have to worry about storage space after the holiday.

Another great tip is to go outside and collect acorns this is great for a family walk and if you have kids in your family they can be apart of helping you. Now with these acorns you can first place a pretty runner down the center of your table and sprinkle the acorns and some leaves all over the table. If you’d like you can even spray paint the acorns gold and that would add a bit more of an elegant look to your table, and will give a little sparkle when the candles are lit.

Now don’t forget the napkins a unique idea for them would be to use miniature indian corn as a napking ring. Just fold the napkin into a shape that you like and using string just tie the corn cobb onto the front of the napkin.

Another quick tip to help with the busy day is to go ahead and set your table up a few days ahead of time. If your worried cover it with a big clean sheet to keep off any dust, kids or pets.

When your guests arrive and smell the wonderful food baking, see the lovely table that you’ve set before them they are going to be Thankful that they have you in their life and truly be reminded that this is a season to celebrate family, friends and all that God has given us.

As always have fun decorating and may God bless you from

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